About Us

Hi there! I'm Laura, human magpie and founder of Shiny Rocks.

I've always had a love for crystals and interesting or unusual rocks.

As a child I loved collecting crystals and minerals. I would spend hours digging up the back garden hoping to find diamonds (I never did find any!) and I would save up my pocket money to go and spend at my favourite crystal shop in the Lake District, whilst dreaming I would one day run an amazing crystal shop which I could fill with all sorts of wonders.

Now I have my own online store where I can share some of my lovely shiny things with you! I personally hand select every item. I only chose pieces of great quality which I would love to own myself. I have built good relationships with my suppliers and only buy crystals which are ethically sourced.

Have a nosey around the website at the beautiful rocks waiting for adoption. If you are looking for something in particular please get in touch and I'll do my best to find a perfect piece for you.

Also, do join me on Facebook! I do live sales every couple of weeks or so where I showcase some of my favourite crystals and new arrivals!

Thank you for stopping by!